The Golden Rule: He Who has the Gold, Makes the Rules

The fact is, whether you love or hate the Affordable Care Act or the American Health Care Act has almost entirely to do with the political party you support and little to do with any actual impact on you or your family.
But don’t worry! The same money that bought Act 1 is going to buy Act 2, and you’ll think it’s great (maybe even “Really, really great!”) because the Demopublicans/Republictrats said so!
I like to think my vote matters, but it really only matters when my vote is counted with a bunch of other votes. Maybe someday we – you know, the people – can have a debate about how the US already spends more per capita on healthcare than any country in the world and simultaneously manages to make medical bills the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy. Is that what they mean my “American Innovation”?
So, how does your vote stack up against the money health care interests pays your representative? A recent Open Secrets report states that the Georgia congressional delegation took in $3.8 million, with the two Senators accounting for $1.9 Million, or 54% of that total. Both Senators are Republican, so between party loyalty and a couple of million dollars, my chances at a legitimate debate of the merits of the AHCA aren’t looking too good.
Fun Fact: Senators from my home state of Wyoming took in nearly a million more than Georgia’s ($2.6 million) by comparison, with the lone representative, Liz Cheney, accepting an additional $39,733. Said another way: Health Care paid $0.33 per citizen to buy GA’s delegation, but $4.48 per citizen to buy Wyoming’s. Way to go WYO!
You can look up how much your representatives like the health care industry here:

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