Evan McMullin Not for President

Why I don’t support Evan McMullin, but I’m happy if you do.

Simply put, McMullin and his bid for the White House is only recently separated from the Republican Party. Until recently McMullin was eye-deep in party politics, serving as Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Conference.

Why is being close to the GOP my reason for withholding support? Easy.

The Republican Party of 2016 looks nothing like me or my world view, but is instead an organization driven by racial and economic grievance and demonstrating an Ahab-like attachment to the past.

McMullin’s campaign website states that “It’s time for a new generation of leadership.” I agree, and I wish him well. If he can restore the Whig-Republican pillars of small government, prosperity, and integrity to the GOP, more power to him. I suspect, however, the Republican Party is beyond saving and a fresh start – a complete break – by smart principled people that embrace the future and not the past is the recipe for success.

For the record, I am not a supporter of the other major US political party either. My opinion of the Democrat Party echoes that of Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska who states, “The Democrats have a really crappy product — they’re trying to sell more central planning and more monopolistic rule of experts in the age of Uber…” That said, the Republican product isn’t distinguishable from the Democrats: Big Government vs. Bigger Government, No Child Left Behind vs. Common Core, Wall-Street and Corporate Welfare vs. Insurance Company (ACA) and Class Welfare, Big Wars vs. Little Wars. As they say in Thailand, “Same, same, but different.”

And therein lies my second point. I’m happy if you vote for McMullin because a vote for him – or my candidate of choice, Gary Johnson with his much more established distance from a Republican past – both represent a solid stance apart from the organizations that nominated a power-lusting racist misogynist fear monger named Donald Trump, or a power-lusting “everyone is a moron” serial liar fear monger named Hillary Clinton.

Whether the Republican Party implodes, or simply fades into obscurity, I don’t care. We need the space to create a future representing the best we have to offer, not clutching to the worst of our past.


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